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Center Closing (2023)

5/27-5/29 : Memorial Day Weekend

7/3-7/4 : Independence Day Weekend

9/2-9/4 : Labor Day Weekend

10/24 : ALOHA Day

11/23-11/26 : Thanksgiving Weekend

12/22-12/31 : Winter Break

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  • Abacus-based Mind Math
  • Core Math
  • Tiny Thinkers
  • Reading/Writing (English)
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  • English tutors: Part time- year-round (2 positions)
  • Math Tutors: Part time- year-round (1-2 positions)
  • Spanish Tutors: Part time- year-round (1 positions)
  • Front & back office assistant (2 positions)

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May 15

Summer Camp Early Bird ends!!!

May 27-29

Center Closed – Memorial Day Weekend

Monday, June 5

Summer Camp Starts

July 1-4

Center Closed – Independence Day

July 3-7

No Summer Camp.

Writing Workshops


Interactive and Academic camps are offered in spring, summer & winter.  Covers creative writing, grade-level math, abacus mind math, STEM concepts.

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Abacus-based Mind Math : For students 5-12 years old. Helps students build confidence in math. The program trains students to perform high speed complex calculations without the aid of a calculator. It also gives them an advantage when learning Common Core concepts.

Core Math : Common core aligned Math program for elementary & middle school children. This program improves understanding and retention so each student has mastery of the critical areas per grade level to help current performance & ensure future success.

Tiny Thinkers : Math program for children, ages 3-5. This dynamic pre-K program introduces kids to the world of math in interactive and fun ways that lay a foundation for math success.


Reading/Writing : A program for Grades 1-8. This teacher-led program inspires children to read and write without difficulty. It motivates, stimulates young minds, and develops a passion for reading & writing!

Champ : An extension of our Reading | Writing program, designed for 3-6 year-old children to help them learn the basics of Language Arts – listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

Writing Workshop : Refer to workshop tab.


Writing : 6-week workshop focussed on various writing genres to enhance student’s experience in these areas.

  • Grades: 1-8.
  • Duration: 1-hour sessions every week for 6 weeks.
  • Location: In-person @Irvine center.

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Teacher-led, interactive 1:1 program for all ages to help students strengthen the concepts they struggle in school or get ahead of the class.

  • Grades: K-12


Creative Mind And Arts Academy – An alternative to pre-School and Day Care, this program offers 2 sessions Monday to Friday from 8:30-11:30am (Session1) or 12:30-3:30pm (Session2) with three 55-minute classes to inspire your little one.

Please call for more details.

Our Mission & Vision

Motivate students to LEARN first, then EDUCATE them in all skills so they GROW into successful individuals.

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4678 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA 92604
22706 Aspan St, unit 501, Lake Forest, CA 92630

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M-F: 9:30am – 6pm
Sat: 9am – 2pm
Sun: 1pm – 5pm

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What Parents are Saying

My son took a math class here when he was 4 years old. He loved going to class and learning and completing the homework. Definitely recommend and I will be signing up for more classes

Writing is a skill we feel is important to develop. My 2nd grader looks forward to his writing class at ALOHA each week. They make it fun and engaging. He’s interested in trying their mental math classes too.

My 5 year old son goes here and we have seen significant progress in terms of his writing and reading. Teachers are great and he likes the classroom based setting! Very happy I joined!

We highly recommend Aloha Mind Math. This program makes the kids understand the concepts and opens their minds to critical thinking at a young age. Aloha teaches kids the process of how to get the right answers instead of memorizing equations or math exercises for the sake of passing a level, like other popular math programs teach kids to do.


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Location (Irvine): 4678 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92604.

Location (Lake Forest): 22706 Aspan St, Unit 501, Lake Forest, CA 92630

Call: (949) 836-0173

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Office Hours: M-F: 9:30am - 6pm; Sat: 9am - 2 pm; Sun: 1pm - 5pm